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Wind Farms in Montenegro


Small Country, Big Steps

In anticipation of the International Earth Day, on April 17, Montenegro published good news important for the ecology of this country. Namely, according to the data published by windeurope.org and transmitted by many of Montenegrin media, at that day Montenegro was in first place in terms of the percentage of electricity production through renewable energy sources – wind farms. In this way, Montenegro covered as much as 45% of the country’s electricity needs, thus reaching the very top of the list.

Although mentioned many times, Montenegro signed a Declaration in 1998 and thus became the first country in the world to be declared an Ecological State. Unfortunately, as issues from the field of ecology, environmental protection and sustainable ways of energy production bring new challenges every day, Montenegro has not remained immune to these problems. Since the proclamation as a Ecological State until today, it has faced many problems, but still managed to maintain its direction on the green path, which it outlined.

Montenegro today has two wind farms, one at the very South of the country Možura and one at the North, Krnovo.


Krnovo, Montenegro

Krnovo, Montenegrin Tibet

With the highest peak of 1608m above sea level, Krnovo is a mountain plateau with a beautiful view of the Montenegrin mountains Durmitor, Mali and Veliki Žurim, and even Lovćen.

Due to its beauty, together with the area that makes up the mountain range Lukavica, Krnovo is said to be Montenegrin Tibet. Extremely cold winters in the winter months make these areas almost inaccessible and dangerous, while in the spring and summer months Krnovo is an ideal choice for a trip.

Earlier, this area was known for numerous katuns (temporary pastoral shelters, on the mountain) where the surrounding population took their sheep to pasture, but due to unfavorable conditions, this custom was lost over time. The average annual temperature in Krnovo is only 5 degrees Celsius!

Today, Krnovo is a plateau that, thanks to strong winds, has been given the opportunity to become wind farm since 2016, which, in addition to being a wonderful tourist attraction, has also made Krnovo a place of great importance for Montenegro.

Krnovo, Montenegro



In completely different climatic conditions, looking directly on the sea horizon, another wind park was formed, Možura. Možura is a project is located above Ulcinj. This area is also characterized by strong winds, which makes Možura another successful project in the field of wind farms.

Možura, Montenegro

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