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SecondHome Market in Montenegro

Safe for living, with a low crime rate, peaceful for foreigners, Montenegro offers very favorable living conditions. This small Mediterranean country is recognized as a peaceful and safe destination, suitable for both living and second home. Montenegro is also a fairly clean country, declared in 1998 The World’s First Ecological State.



What is Second Home?

Second Home is considered to be a property that people buy without wanting to use as their main house for living, but they want to own it in addition to their primary house because of the exceptional benefits it offers. Previously, second home properties were extremely inaccessible to a large number of potential buyers because they were very expensive and reserved only for those with a deeper pocket.

After the world has changed almost overnight in 2019, people began to think more and more about how they can afford this type of real estate, realizing all the positive aspects that this investment brings. With high demand, higher supply came and with higher supply – lower prices. In addition, many banks around the world have opted for some facilities when taking out a loan to buy a second home.


Why is this investment so popular in the world?

  • Second home can be your holiday home in one of your holiday destinations

The tendency of almost daily growth of real estate prices leads to the fact that the cost of vacation is getting higher every year. Many people decide to buy their own property in one of their favorite destinations, or at the one for which they know they will return to.


  • Second home can offer you residency outside of your homeland country

Another very nice feature that a second home brings with is contained in the very name of this way of owning a property – the possibility of having a home in several places in the world. For people who aspire to have frequent changes in life, having a second home is an ideal way of a lifestyle. Legally and administratively speaking, having one’s own place of residence is one of the main and most important categories in obtaining the citizenship of any country.


  • Second home can offer you the peace of mind of having another location to live in the time of pandemic, war or some other global issues

People who own a second home are mostly people who come from big cities and world metropolises. During the pandemic in this investment they found a solution to the problems the world was facing at the time. Today, the second home offers the opportunity to escape from the hustle and crowd of the city and brings with it cleanliness and peace. In the conditions of growing uncertainty globally, having a Plan B is always a good strategy for the long terms in life.


  • Second home can give you the freedom of escaping from the crowd anytime you need

A large part of the demand side of the market consists of retirees and those who should soon become so. In the second home, in addition to escaping from the city, they also see the possibility of starting some new hobbies and habits, for which there are no opportunities in the big city.


  • Second home can give you the opportunity to work from home by the beach or on the mountains or in your favorite city in the world

As remote work is also a habit that has remained ingrained in society even after the pandemic, many people use second homes precisely as their private office, place to work, inspiration and advancement.


  • Second home can offer you having a rental income during the period that you do not want to use it for yourself

Finally, the second home is a great investment for further rent, because during the time when the house or apartment is not used, which can be almost all year round for those who use the second home only for vacations, the house can be rented out to tenants.


Montenegro as an ideal second home destination


General Reasons

  • Diversity of the offer (coastal, skiing, religious, cultural-historical)
  • The unbeatable wild beauty (dramatic gorges, wild rivers, karst scenery, emerald green lakes and an amazing coastline)
  • Easy access by air, sea and land transportation,
  • Rich gastro culture due to availability to the sea food, but as well traditional northside meals
  • Five National Parks and four UNESCO Heritage Sites
  • Still undiscovered and unique
  • Democratic, multicultural and multi-religious society
  • Low crime rate


Economic and Political Reasons

  • Very high ROI
  • Rental yield is 13 years which is the best second country in Europe
  • Offers residency through real estate purchase
  • EU membership in 2025
  • Leading Western Balkan economy for attracting FDI
  • FDI mostly concentrated in tourism
  • Potential for a year-round tourism
  • Significant economic freedom
  • Using Euro as an official currency
  • Service-based economy with a large focus on tourism sector
  • FIL (Foreign Investment Law) – investors are treated with national treatment, makes no restrictions in terms of investment activities, profits can be repatriated without limitations or restrictions.

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