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Central Part of the Country, Administrative and Work Hub



Podgorica is the capital of Montenegro, positioned about an hour and a half from the nearest beach (Bar) and about 2 to 3 hours from the northern part of the country. During the wars, Podgorica lost a lot of cultural heritage, so that, unlike the coast and Cetinje, which is culturally and historically rich, Podgorica does not have much to offer in this regard. Nevertheless, as the capital of the state and the seat of administrative and governmental institutions, Podgorica is the city with the largest population and the highest demand for real estate for living.

These are the reasons why more intensive work has been done in recent years to expand the city, so in a short period of time, many new neighborhoods have emerged: City Quart, Master Quart, Central Point, Family Quart, City Key, etc. However, although it is developing at a significant speed, Podgorica is also openly working to find a balance not to run out of green space, and invests large funds in the restoration of old and building new parks, promenades along the Morača River, afforestation of city hills: Gorica and Ljubović.

St. Petar Cetinjski Boulevard
Podgorica, Center


Skadar Lake

In the nearby of Podgorica, there is one of the largest lakes in Europe – Skadar Lake, with an area of 369.7 km2.

The lake is full of islands and peninsulas with traces of Montenegrin history and valuable cultural heritage. There was located the town of Žabljak (15th century) – the capital of the former Zeta. Now it can be seen a lot of fortresses on the shores of the lake  –  Lesendro, Grmožur, Becas.

Skadar lake is the only pelican habitat in southern Europe and beside that is home for many spieces of birds and fish.

On the shores of the lake there is a small town – Crnojevića River. Nearby are the remains of the town of Obod, where the printing house was located, where in 1494th the first book in this part of Europe, the Octoich, was printed.

When driving from Skadar Lake to Cetinje a lot of small private residences can be seen, with their own beautiful gardens and vineyards.

Pavlova Strana Viewpoint
Skadar Lake



Cetinje is a small town near Podgorica, near the southern part of the country. In Montenegro, Cetinje has a special significance because it is the seat and heart of Montenegrin history and culture. Precisely because of its appearance, which does not allow time to erase the tradition, numerous museums, galleries and cultural facilities in Cetinje are also called the city-museum.

Positioned at the foot of the mountain Lovćen, Cetinje, in addition to a rich cultural and historical repertoire, also offers one of the most beautiful resorts in Montenegro – Ivanova Korita. On Lovćen, it is also possible to visit Njegoš’s mausoleum, dedicated to Peter the Second Petrović Njegoš. This mausoleum is the highest in the world, located on Jezerski vrh, at an altitude of 1657 m above sea level.

Mausoleum of Njegoš



On the north of Podgorica, about an hour’s drive away is Nikšić – a city that has always been recognized as a city of beer and rock music, because it houses the oldest and most famous Montenegrin brewery Trebjesa and is also a city that has spawned many rock bands.

Niksic is the host of several interesting rock festivals, which are held during the summer months on the shores of Lake Krupac and on Bedem near the city. Krupac is also pleasant for swimming during the summer months, which is why this lake was given the nickname Nikšić Sea.

About 20 km from Nikšić is Krnovo – a wind park which, together with the mountain Lukavica, forms an area that is often called Montenegrin Tibet among mountaineers due to its beauty.

Krupac Lake
Krnovo Wind Park

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