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Why should you hire a real estate agent when buying/renting/selling property?

1. They will save your time.

If you don’t have enough time during the day to answer messages and calls, be physically available to your potential customers and present your property in the same (but new) way every time, then you should think again about entering the adventure called independent sale of a property. 

Real estate agents do all this during their working day, they are responsible for timely answering of calls and messages as well as the presentation of the property. They are responsible for availability as well as inexhaustible energy when meeting all interested parties who can become your customer. Real estate agents save time for another interested party – buyers/tenants, too. By making efforts and availability, with an easy agreement and a better, more detailed presentation of the property, the real estate agent maintains contact and mediation between the two parties in a more efficient and better way until the very end of the process – the signing of the contract.


2. They are pricing expertise.

Real estate agents do not need much to determine the objective price of the property. This is because they know the market very well, have experience, know the neighborhoods in the city and know demand better than anyone.

Unlike the owners who can associate memories and childhood with a certain house or apartment, real estate agents are ‘freed’ from these emotions and can calmly and objectively look at the situation and current condition and offer a price. This is of positive importance both for the seller and for the buyers/tenants, because a too high, non objective price of the property is not good for either party.


3. They have a lot of experience.

When we need a haircut, we go to the hairdresser. When our car breaks down, we call a mechanic.
Why? Because these people have the knowledge and experience to respond to our needs in the best and fastest way. It’s the same thing with a real estate agent. Knowledge and experience are very important in this business because real estate industry is a negotiation. If someone does not know the market, has no experience with prices and demand, it will  be very difficult to fight for the best scenario. Real estate agents gain new experience every day which they then invest into every new potential purchase/sale.


4. ‘Purple Room’ phenomenon – They know the market.

Have you heard of the ‘purple room’ phenomenon? Mendenhall says that if a client needs a house that has one room painted purple, the real estate agent will have just such a house.

Real estate agents know the real estate market better than anyone. It is their job and specialty. They make analyzes and statistics every day, think about new attractive locations, about prices, crime rate, which are more urban and which are quieter parts of the city, where construction is going on, which part of the city is currently stagnant. Where is greener and with more parks and which part of the city is busier. Real estate agents, behind the scenes, feel the pulse of the neighborhood, city, and country every day, so that they always know the right answer. In addition to this, they are making huge efforts in the marketing world, they are no stranger to negotiation and digital marketing tools.


5. They know paperwork and administration.

In addition to availability, presentation, negotiation, marketing, market research, mediation, etc., real estate agents are very familiar with the legal regulations of the state. This is due to the fact that they conclude contracts between interested parties on a daily basis, and go with the parties to notary and lawyer offices.

Depending on the size of the agency and how much experience and knowledge they have, agents can even be of great help and provide legal advice depending on the situation, regardless of whether you are a buyer or seller or simply looking for an apartment for temporary staying.

VitaNova Group established a brand SecondHomeMontenegro, specialized in business of real estate industry. Some of the services we offer are, in addition to real estate agency, decoration and restoration, marketing, administrative and legal services, registration of properties for short (daily) rentals. 

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