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Investment Consulting

VitaNova Group is a small yet efficient group of professionals who tend to go over and beyond to serve our clients. 

VitaNova Group operates in Montenegro for over 6 years. Since than we grew from a small consulting agency to a company that handles all client’s needs, from a market entry research and bureaucracy impediments an investor may face, all the way to a project’s implementation, and even further.

 What makes us different is our approach. We know entering a new market is hard, we did it ourselves. We are also aware how important it is to have right information on time. Market entry research is our first step towards realizing an investor’s idea. We provide full report about all the necessities, ranging from bureaucracy requirements up to a time frame for implementation ending with our  professional opinion over an idea. And our potential has just started to show.

We cooperate with ministries, local mayors, special business zones and other relevant entities in Montenegro in order to develop and implement successful strategies for attracting greater inflows of foreign direct investments. We provide pre investment activities including arranging your visit to Montenegro, organizing meetings with government officials or business partners and managing your travel and accommodation arrangements.

VitaNova Group also does your company foundation and getting your work and residence permits while expediting the processing of applications, licenses and permits.

We assist our clients during all the steps of project implementation.

When a project is done our services still go on. Vitanova Group provides post investment services, including periodic meetings to gather information on issues that our clients face and help them resolve problems.

We target specific sectors or projects in Montenegro in order to create foreign direct inflow leads and identify the targets and reach them with direct contacts, online marketing tools, forums, seminars, etc. We provide following functions with our professional partner network: Legal services, Accounting services, Tax advisory, Digital marketing services, Valuation and market research, Certified translations, Relocation services.

Knowing how foreign direct investments can be grueling and complex you would rather have a professional and reliable partner during this long but profitable journey.