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EU Funding

VitaNova Group is a company that operates in line with modern business practices, following the aspirations and wishes of its clients and the market in Montenegro.

Today, we are proud to present to you a new service of our company, a service that enables you to achieve financial sustainability, greater investments and safe management. Today we announce that we are ready to support you on your way to reach European Union funds.

We have a team of experts who will prepare and support you throughout the process and help you acquire financial injection to implement your ideas.

The following are the scope of work we provide regarding EU funding consultancy:


Management Consultancy

The Instrument for Pre-Accession Assistance (IPA) is designed as a comprehensive support for the European integration process by providing technical, professional and financial support to candidate countries and potential candidates for EU membership.

The IPA focuses on two main priorities:

  • Assistance to countries in meeting the political and economic criteria related to the adoption of the acquis of the EU, as well as building administrative capacities and strengthening the judiciary.
  • Assistance to countries in the process of preparing for the use of structural and cohesion funds of the EU after joining the European Union.

Support should contribute to the efforts of candidate countries and potential candidates with the aim of strengthening democratic institutions and the rule of law, reforming state administration, reforming the economy, respecting human and minority rights, promoting gender equality, strengthening civil society, improving regional cooperation, as well as achieving sustainable development and poverty reduction.



Agriculture and rural development are, beside Tourism, an essential element of Montenegrin Economy Development. It is a cornerstone of its tradition and a major generator of its economy, planned to gain more momentum in the coming years.

The purpose and scope of the ‘Agriculture and Rural Development’ portfolio at VitaNova Group is to:

  • Provide technical assistance for applying for the EU funds regarding agriculture and rural development in Montenegro.

In the upcoming months a new line of IPARD III (part of IPA funds) intended for rural tourism is announced to open.

IPARD III program started in 2021. and is planned to implement until 2027.

  • Provide technical assistance to farmers to produce sufficient quantities of safe and healthy food while at the same time respecting EU norms on sustainability, environmental regulations, animal welfare, etc.
  • Provide farm businesses with support systems to help them stabilize their incomes in the face of less predictable production conditions.
  • Facilitate investment in a sustainable, modern farming sector.
  • Maintain viable rural communities with diverse economies.
  • Create and maintain jobs along the food chain.



For sustainable development it is crucial to support and be able to respond to dynamics of changes of governments and ensure its optimal efficiency.


The ‘Public Administration Reform (PAR) and Governance’ portfolio at VitaNova Group is aimed to:

  • Provide technical assistance to public authorities/institutions to help them adjust to changing circumstances.
  • Promote central administration, local administration, digital government, public procurement, better regulation, the judicial system, the fight against corruption and fraud and the better absorption of European Structural and Investment Funds.
  • Enhance strategic communication accompanying accession process.



The purpose of the ‘Economic Development, Trade and Innovation’ portfolio at VitaNova Group is to:

  • Promote a strong foreign direct investment policy.
  • Strengthen trade agreements between regions and with their major trading partners.
  • Provide technical assistance to developing countries to help them integrate into the global economy.
  • Help member countries that are not members of trading bloc to strengthen their SMEs and the broader economy.



The environment is no longer a local or regional problem. Our land and oceans are polluted, and it affects us all. Whether we feel this problem today, if we don’t take measures, we will feel it tomorrow even harder since it respects no national boundaries.


The purpose and of the ‘Healthy Environment’ portfolio at VitaNova Group is aimed to:

  • Provide technical assistance to organizations to help them address international environmental and climate challenges more effectively.
  • Fully integrate environmental requirements and considerations into other policies.
  • Build the capacities of relevant institutions/authorities.
  • Help build resource-efficient, green and competitive low-carbon economies.



Transport and urban development are critical factors for a country’s progress and socio-economic development. Montenegro is a country that only recently started developing in this field and it needs all possible help and assistance.

We offer a holistic approach to planning, designing, implementing, and supervising transport and infrastructure work.


‘Transportation and Urban Development’ portfolio at VitaNova Group is aimed to:

  • Developing a modern infrastructure network that makes journeys quicker and safer, while promoting sustainable and digital solutions.
  • Provide technical assistance to help adopt sustainable transport structures involving fewer emissions.
  • Provide technical assistance to help adopt sustainable urban mobility plans.

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