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Company Incorporation / Work & Residence Permits


Company Incorporation / Work & Residence Permits

Foreign legal entities and persons have the right to establish a company in Montenegro under the same conditions as citizens of Montenegro. Foreign companies have the ability to own 100% of a domestic company and can repatriate profits and dividends without limitations or restrictions. This policy is only excepted in a few cases related to defense industries.

All regulations regarding the establishment, operation and taxation system are compliant with European standards with benefits for foreign investors.

VitaNova Group offers full service of company registration process as well as obtaining and renewing work and resident permits. The process of establishing a company is defined in the Law on Business Organizations. 

The most common forms of companies are: Limited liability company (LLC) and Joint stock company (JSC). 

The process of establishing a limited liability company (LLC) is defined by the Law on Business Organizations . After submitting the application form and all the documents, a certificate will be issued including the number of the decision. An identification document and the certificate of registration will be ready after seven days from the date the application.  After obtaining the company registration certificate, it is necessary to do the following: 

→ make a seal; 

→ open a bank account; 

→ register workers at the Tax Administration.  

The price for company foundation and getting the residency and work permits depends on the type of the company, number of shareholders, number of family members, number of workers etc. Price offers will be sent upon request.