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Visa Requirements

Conditions of entry and basic requirements after entry to Montenegro


Whenever entering, moving throughout or staying in Montenegro a foreigner shall hold a valid foreign travel document with a visa affixed to it (if obligated). This can also be a valid foreign travel document accompanied by a temporary residence permit, a temporary residence and work permit or permanent residence permit, unless otherwise provided.

A valid travel document is a foreign travel document issued in the last ten years and whose validity will not expire at least three months after the planned date of departure from the territory of Montenegro. It should be valid for the whole of the stay.

If a foreigner who has entered Montenegro has multiple citizenships, he is considered a citizen of the state who issued him with a foreign travel document with which he entered Montenegro. During his stay in Montenegro, the foreign national is obliged to use the foreign travel document he used to enter Montenegro.

If holding either a collective passport or another collective foreign travel document, foreigners may enter into and exit from Montenegro only if they are together.

It is obligatory to register with the local police or tourism organization in the town/city where the staying is within 24 hours of arrival in Montenegro, unless foreigners are staying in a hotel or other commercial accommodation where they’ll be registered automatically on checking in.



Law on Foreigner Nationals prescribes the following types of visas:

  1. airport-transit visa (visa A);
  2. short-stay visa (visa C);
  3. and visa for longer stay (visa D);


1.Visa A is an airport transit visa issued for one or more crossings throughout the international transit area of ​​the airport, without entering the territory of Montenegro. A foreign national who does not leave an airplane or international transit terminal of the airport of Montenegro during his stopover shall not be required to have a visa.

2. Visa C – is a short-stay visa issued for the purpose of airport transit, transit or an intended short stay in Montenegro not exceeding 90 days in a 180-day period, counted from the first entry date. On entering Montenegro, make sure the border police put an entry stamp in your passport. This helps avoid problems related to verifying the length of your stay in the country.

3.Visa D – is a visa for a longer stay issued to a foreigner who intends to stay in Montenegro for more than 90 days, for the purpose of performing business activities/ work or performing service in foreign diplomatic and consular missions and missions of international organizations accredited in Montenegro, but not longer than 180 days in a period of one year, counting from the day of the first entry.


We recommend that all necessary Visa requirements and paperwork is obtained (based on your country of origin) prior to entering to Montenegro.

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