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Montenegrin Special Citizenship Program

Why Montenegro?

Beside Montenegro’s breathtaking natural beauty, landscapes, seaside, gastronomy and multiculturalism, another very big reason why foreigners are visiting, staying and investing in the country is very bright predictions for the near future of the Montenegrin economy.

According to the World Bank, Montenegro is one of the fastest growing economies in the Balkans. Membership in the world-important-organizations like UN, NATO, the WTO, the Organization for Security and Co-operation in Europe, the Council of Europe and the Central European Free Trade Agreement also contribute to the country’s popularity. Not less important thing to mention is, that Montenegrins have visa free access to 117 countries.


Is there a possiblity to get Montenegrin citizenship if not by birth in the territory of Montenegro?

There are plenty of law-regulated ways of getting a Montenegrin citizenship that are not connected to birth place of the applicant. Some of them are: by origin, by admittance, based on international treaties and agreements. For more informations about that ways of getting Montenegrin citizenship click here.


There is also another way for acquisition of citizenship.


Special Program of Acquisition of Montenegrin Citizenship by Admission


According to the Decision on the Criteria for Determining Scientific, Business, Economic, Cultural and Sports Interest of Montenegro there is a possibility of acquisition of citizenship with a special program.

Special program is considered to be a program that contributes to the economic and business development of Montenegro by paying funds intended for the development of less developed units.


An applicant may acquire Montenegrin citizenship by admission on

the basis of a special program if:

  1. For the purpose of the costs of the procedure, he has made a payment to the payment account of the Competent Body in the amount of:
  • 15 000 € for the applicant;
  • 10 000 € for each family member, up to four members at maximum;
  • 50 000 € for each next family member.
  1. Has deposited on the ESCROW account an amount of
  • 100 000 € intended for the Development of Underdeveloped Municipalities Fund, and
  • 100 000 € intended for the Innovation
  1. Has deposited on the ESCROW account an amount of at least
  • 250 000 € for the purpose of investing in an undeveloped region (north), or
  • 450 000 € for the purpose of investing in a developed region (south and central part of the country).
  1. Has not been sentenced in Montenegro or another state by a final and binding court decision to an unconditional prison sentence of more than one year;
  2. The international due diligence agent has given a positive opinion including proof of the origin of the money intended for payment and investment.


Deadline for this Special Program was the end of the 2021, but because of the Covid-19 and all the changes in the world that it brought, deadline is expanded and it will last till the end of the 2022.

Only 2 000 applicants maximum will get a chance of acquisition of the Montenegrin citizenship in this way.

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