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Montenegro as an Ecological State


The Declaration on the Ecological State of Montenegro was adopted at the session of the Parliament, which was held in Zabljak on September 20, 1991. With the adoption of this Declaration, Montenegro became the first ecological state in the world, and this document was presented at the UN Conference on Environmental Protection in the following year.

The declaration defines the strategic commitment of the state to adopt and apply the highest standards and norms in the field of environmental protection, nature conservation and economic development on the principles of an ecologically sustainable system.


Geographical position, climate conditions, natural resources and their distribution, make Montenegro in many ways an exceptional European country. The sea is also a valuable resource of Montenegro because of its characteristics, as a basis for the development of tourism, transport, fisheries and the use of other resources, so the Declaration of Montenegro as an ecological state was an extremely important decision. The goal of Montenegro’s development as an ecological state has, over time, met with great support from citizens and domestic and international organizations, as well as numerous countries and international organizations, and provided a good basis for action in this area to achieve all more demanding standards imposed by general trends and integration processes.

We are pleased to point out that the awareness of the citizens of Montenegro, institutions, NGOs is at a high level and that their work is accompanied by a large number of activities.


The Parliament of Montenegro declared September 20 as a holiday in Montenegro.

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