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Real Estate Market in Montenegro

Montenegro during the last decade

Even though this little country (with only around 620 000 citizens) is very good positioned in Balkans, with clean wather, mild winters, nice climate and a lot of fertile land, its main commitment in the economic sense is not production, it is tourism.

After regaining independence in 2006th, Montenegro has made great efforts to break into the world of elite tourism, investment, real estate and second home industries in the best possible way. Faced on European and Euro-Atlantic integration, implementing European values ​​and standards, Montenegro quickly began to become more and more recognizable destination in the eyes of tourists and in the eyes of major European and global investors and brands, who saw in Montenegro the potential for further development. In this, Montenegro was greatly helped by its natural beauty, especially in the southern part of the country and its peaceful and benevolent people who have always carried the title of good hosts.

Over the past decade, Montenegrin tourism and the real estate industry have flourished, making Montenegro one of the leading economies in the region. With the arrival of large investors, the country has gained in importance, not only in economic terms, but has become one of the famous destinations whose beaches, resorts and cities can be found among the pages of world-famous magazines and portals for tourism and real estate.


South of the country, Mediterranean vibe

For the south of Montenegro, it is difficult to find an epithet or category that could best characterize the climate and culture of this part of the country. This is due to the fact that this part of the country is rich in diversity, given that throughout history various parts of the Montenegrin coast belonged to different countries and people who left behind traces that still live among the walls and nature of these parts.

What is a common feature is that the Montenegrin coast belongs to the Mediterranean, overlooks the Adriatic Sea and the entire southern part is characterized by mild winters, warm summers, sunny days, very rare snowfall or storms.


Budva, Metropolis of Tourism

For many years, Budva was considered the metropolis of tourism and the Montenegrin destination in which most investments were made. Thus, Budva, together with the Sveti Stefan peninsula, became one of the most recognizable parts of Montenegro. Many world-famous hotels have opened their residences in Budva, occupying the most beautiful parts of the beaches for their hotels. In addition to hotels, in many places it is possible to find villa complexes, tucked away in one of the quietest parts of the city, overlooking the islands: Sveti Nikola or Sveti Stefan.

Budva used to be the choice of the Montenegrin royal family who had their own castle and beach near Sveti Stefan, in Milocer, while today Budva is a must-destination to step by for big names from the world of music, film, sports, culture.

On the other hand, Budva is also a city that offers opportunities for nightlife, so in the summer months it is recognized as a city with very rich musical events – clubs, discos or concerts. Budva’s Jaz beach has for many years hosted many world-famous stars who have performed here at festivals, while in the last few years this has been Buljarica and Kamenovo beaches.


Boka Bay

In the last few years, there has been a trend of decreasing investments in Budva and increasing investments in the Bay of Kotor. Unlike Budva, which is built mostly of complexes of private villas and hotel chains, projects in the Bay of Kotor are significantly different and appear in the form of yacht marinas and construction of entire settlements intended for the arrival of elite, world famous brands from real estate industry (hotels, villas, apartments) but also a shop and a boutique estates. The reason for this type of investment is that the Bay of Kotor has always been considered a much quieter area than Budva, so it attracts tourists of different sensibilities – those who want a more sophisticated vacation with a calmer environment and rich cultural heritage.

The first project of this type was Porto Montenegro, which was an entering ticket for many world brands to the Montenegrin market. Today, Porto Montenegro is recognized as one of the most elite and sophisticated places in the region, and on the lists of many world famous magazines it is ranked at the top of the most beautiful marinas for large yachts.

The Bay of Kotor has continued in the footsteps of such projects, and has given to some other towns in the bay their elite settlements and marinas, such as Luštica Bay and Portonovi. Portonovi also became the first host of the One&Only hotel chain in Europe.



Ulcinj is the southernmost city in Montenegro, positioned along the border with Albania. Ulcinj is a favorite place of tourists mainly in the period of May and June, who rent small cottages on the banks of the river Bojana. Montenegrins have a tradition of renting these cottages during the national holiday The First of May, and then making barbecues and their own private parties. These cottages are mostly wooden, smaller in construction and look directly at the flora and fauna of the Bojana River and the surrounding forest. Not far there is Ada Bojana, a place where the river flows into the Adriatic Sea. This is one of the beaches with the most beautiful sunsets and nearby it is possible to surf or enjoy smaller beach parties during the summer months. Not far away is Velika Plaža (The Great Beach), which is 13 km long and where, at the same time, 500 000 people can swim.

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