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Kolasin, a small town hitting big

Ever wanted to find a place you can enjoy all year round? Go rafting down the crystal-clear river, taking a dive when it’s too hot…. hiking magnificent mountains, feeling stunning surroundings…visiting one of the last three rainforests in Europe, true gift of nature…and also… enjoy skiing and all those winter small touches that fuel your batteries?? Well, all of this and much more you can do in a small town growing popular, Kolasin.

Kolasin is located in the North region of Montenegro. Due to favorable climate and 954m of altitude, it is considered an air spa. This old, small mountain village these days is being unveiled big time.

Kolasin owes its popularity to 2 things – new highway Podgorica-Kolasin and its investors, for making very luxurious, high-end residential buildings and hotels in this amazing nature’s spot. Currently, 9 high-end hotels are built in this small town. Some of them are located in the center of the town and some are in the Kolasin ski center, only 10km away from the town center. Kolasin ski-center has two zones 1450 and 1600 (m of altitude) that are growing big and fast. It is planned to be imprinted in Europe’s map as a not-to-miss spot in winter tourism in South-East Europe.

Some of the most famous names building in Kolasin as we speak are the Swissotel, opening its doors this autumn. Likewise, famous hotel chain, the Crowne Plaza, is also molding its pearl nowadays. Quite a company, don’t you think??

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