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What can we do for you?

We offer a wide range of important services that are obligated for foreigners in Montenegro, but today we will focus on one diverse, multi-discipline, ambitious yet interesting service we provide – Investment Consulting.

Since we started operating in Montenegro 6 years ago, we started as a small consulting agency. In these 6 years, we grow slowly but surely and become an investment consulting company that offers a wide range of services for all types of foreign investors covering all the steps from market entry research and bureaucracy impediments, all the way to a project’s implementation, and even further.

Entering a new market is hard, and entering a small market is even harder. We have a firsthand experience by setting up our business in Montenegro in 2018. It needs time, devotion and ability to have a strong network. Also, timing is crucial.

What makes us different is our approach. What is very important is to have right information on time. Market entry research is our first step towards realizing an investor’s idea. First thing a client gets is a full report about all the necessities, possible local and European Union funds, ranging from bureaucracy requirements up to a time frame for implementation ending with our professional opinion over the idea. And our potential has just started to show.

We target specific industries such as agriculture, aquaculture, wellness tourism in Montenegro in order to create foreign direct inflow leads.

After we engage with our client, we start with the market entry consultancy. On one hand, we do the market entry research and on the other hand we set up the company for the foreign investor.
For some of the services that a foreign investor need, we work with our professional partner network such as legal services, accounting services, tax advisory, digital marketing services, valuation and market research, certified translations, relocation services etc.

Cooperation with ministries, local mayors, special business zones and other relevant entities in Montenegro is important in order to develop and implement successful strategies for attracting greater inflows of foreign direct investments.
Pre investment activities are provided, including arranging your visit to Montenegro, organizing meetings with government officials or business partners and managing your travel and accommodation arrangements.

Our team consists of very well-educated group of professionals with strong international backgrounds strengthened by local experience who tend to go over and beyond to serve our clients. We also work with professionals that have a strong background and valuable network in Montenegro.

Now it is time to grow together. Let’s share with us what you need and we are ready to consult you on your entry to Montenegrin market.

Visit us on www.vitanova.me or send us an email to info@vitanova.me or call us at +382 67 123 055.

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