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On the Wings to Montenegro


It was February 2020 when the life all around the globe completely changed and a lot of the ordinary things became impossible to do and to plan. One of those things was even traveling between the cities in the same country, while flying to another country or continent became a dream.

Today we are in 2022, and this year, as well, brought us some difficulties and challenges.  However, countries are finally open for flying and connecting to each other. For Montenegro this is good news, because this little country is mainly focused on tourism when talking about economy and GDP.



Airports of Montenegro

Even though Montenegro is a small country, it has two international airports. Because of its very attractive position in the Balkans, beautiful nature and landscapes, gorgeous villas and complexes but also hidden pearls like beaches, forests, mountains and rivers – Montenegro is very popular destination and could be reached by plane, by road or over sea.


A step away from the sea and mountains – In the heart of Montenegro

One of the airports is located in the capital city, Podgorica. Being about 10km from the city, this airport is very reachable. From the airport there can be rented a car or taken a taxi, which, for European standard is not expensive. 

It is necessary to be at the airport no later than 2 hours before the scheduled departure time of the aircraft.


The Gate of the Adriatic

Beside the airport in Podgorica, flying to and out of the Montenegro is also possible from Tivat Airport. Tivat is also popular destination because of the Porto Montenegro Marina for yachts.

This airport is only few minutes away from city Tivat, right next to Jadranska magistrala.



Seasonal flights in Montenegro

Airports of Montenegro are making Seasonal flights table with special dates for arrivals and departures. These seasonal flights take place all around summer. This season, Montenegro’s sky will open for flights from Athens, Sofia and Varna, which is a novelty. More flights between Montenegro and Scandinavian countries will be included too, as well as every-day-flights to/from Istanbul, Vienna and Belgrade. Tivat Airport will be connected with at least 19 countries in Europe and the Middle East. This summer’s biggest news is the addition of new markets such as Romania, Greece, Bulgaria, Saudi Arabia and Israel.

Lines that will be connected to Podgorica Airport by this Seasonal Flights Table:

  • one day a week from Paris;
  • two days a week from: Athens, Barcelona, Berlin, Bologna, Brussels, Budapest, Dortmund, Krakow, Luxembourg, Wroclaw and Zagreb;
  • three days a week from: Nur-Sultan, Rome and Zurich;
  • four and more days a week from: Almaty, Istanbul, London and Vienna.


Lines that will be connected to Tivat Airport by this Seasonal Flights Table:

  • one day a week from: Antalya, Baku, Bratislava, Catania, Tel Aviv, Eindhoven, Faro, Helsinki, Katowice, Riga, Sofia and Stockholm;
  • two days a week from: Berlin, Brussels, Dubai, Dusseldorf, Geneve, Luxembourg, Manchester, Prague, Stuttgart and Tallinn;
  • three days a week from: Ljubljana, London, Paris, Riyadh and Zurich;
  • four and more days a week from: Copenhagen, Istanbul and Oslo.


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