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Herceg Novi, the doors of the Boka Bay

The city of the sun and flowers

Located in an attractive area between the mountain Orjen and the Bay of Kotor, Herceg Novi is a first stop for sailors coming from the world into the Montenegro.

With over a 200 sunny days over a year this town is recognized as the city of the sun. Mild Mediterranean climate with dry and warm summers and mild winters is, overall, characteristic for Montenegrin shoreline, but Herceg Novi hides another pearl in its sleeve – the specific climate conditioned by the southern exposure, which prevents the penetration of cold air mass. These facts indicate that the average annual temperature in the city is extremely favorable and amounts to 17 degrees Celsius.

When describing Herceg Novi, it is impossible not to mention flowers. Mount Orjen is known for endemic plant species, but a very rich flora with rare flowers and ornamental plants can be found in the city as well. Some of the spieces, brought by the sailors, came to Herceg Novi from all around the world. Mimosa is one example, this beautiful yellow flower even has its own festival and it is of Australian origin. Cycas revoluta, very popular in the Mediterranean, originating from the Far East, and is one of the oldest living species in the world. Agave, plant with antiseptic and medicinal properties, can also be found in Herceg Novi, whose homeland is eastern Mexico.

Gastro Culture

Herceg Novi is a great choice for visiting or staying for the lovers of Mediterranean cuisine. Many species of fish, which normally inhabit the waters of the Mediterranean, thrive in the waters of Herceg Novi. The most famous one is zubatac (lat. dentex). Zubatac is known for its very tasty and very healthy meat. Because of its medicinal properties people who eat this fish are rarely affected by heart attacks and strokes. It can be prepared in different ways, but the best is cooked, grilled or smoked.

The waters of Herceg Novi are also rich with lobsters and octopuses.


Historical and Cultural Wealth

The city of Herceg Novi was founded 600 years ago (in 1382). The city has a very rich historical wealth, because its rulers changed a lot during the history line. Ottoman Empire ruled almost 200 years, after conquered the city in 1482. From 1687 to 1797 Herceg Novi was ruled by Venice.

In the city there are a lot of churches, monuments and fortresses that testify to a dynamic history and culture of the Herceg Novi.



The Perfect View of the Sea Beneath Your Feet

Novi Hills is a new project in Herceg Novi, to be finished in June. With its modern and comfortable design, quality infrastructure and a very attractive location, Novi Hills is very likely to become the recognizable brand in the city and Boka Bay, in general. The complex has 30 apartments, made to meet all of the requests of the clients.

There is plenty of opportunities with this project. One of them is to actually live in the complex, because it is designed for life and comfort. It is a perfect choice for the ones with refined taste, because it has a modern and smart design, it is in the first line in front of the sea and it is located in the quiet place of the city.

The appartments has a lot of potential for renting as well, because Herceg Novi is a city that lives 12 months a year. With the luxurious look of the complex, modern design of the appartments, comfort and location it is easy to tell that Herceg Novi is getting new pearl in its colection of the beauties.


For more informations about Novi Hills project, please contact:

VitaNova Group d.o.o.

Phone: +382 020 672 514;

                + 382 67 430 454;

Email: info@vitanova.me

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