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FDI in Real Estate – TOP 5

Property investment is continuously increasing in Montenegro, for years. According to CBCG, top 5 foreign investors invested more than 100 mil € only in real estate in the form of FDI.

If we look at the percentage of property investment in the total investment of a country, it shows (See graph no 2) that with high as 67%, Turkey takes the 1st place in share of real estate investment in total investment.  Turkey invested 21.6 mil € in real estate only.

2nd place goes to Germany with 65% and 18.5 mil € of property investment.

With 28.9 mil € and 55% Russia is on 3rd place followed by Serbia with 26.1 mil € and 54% of total FDI in Montenegro.

Switzerland, although on 3rd place in total FDI, invested as low as 5.1 mil € in real estate, which represents 13% of its total FDI in Montenegro.

Comparing to same period last year (first five months), FDI in real estate has risen 7.6%.  This undoubtedly shows that property investment is a serious player on Montenegrin FDI market, if not the most important one.

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