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A nature’s pearl. UNESCO’s world heritage. Kotor.

Looks just if Kotor dropped his anchor between dramatic mountains and beautiful sea, like a timid beauty hidden and waiting to be discovered. A beauty being more captivating with the centuries passing. That is the feeling you get when you first visit Kotor.


With a maze of medieval churches, cathedrals and Venetian palaces Kotor is an old city where the present lives. You can feel these contrasts living together while walking on the old squares, hearing sounds of serenade, the echo of the footsteps down the narrow cobblestone alleys and the lazy purr of cats lying under the balconies with wrought iron railings, decorated with petunias.


When the time for carnivals comes, the streets become crowded, the torches become one with the fireworks, and all of Kotor becomes one big spark.

For whichever reason you came, whether to chill on a beach and enjoy the sea or just to admire magnificent old architecture in your own rhythm, please, don’t miss this one!

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