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Property Investment in Montenegro

Montenegro is a country constantly showing increase in real estate demand, especially on the sea side and the capital Podgorica. Likewise, with the opening of the highway, new ski center, and more amenities to come, the demand for Kolasin which is a small town in the north of the country is also growing rapidly. And what raises with demand?

Yes, the prices and the market value of the property. There are some other parameters that increase the market value in a positive way: The country offers an unbeatable nature with sea, mountains, lakes, rivers and canyons in a small area. The weather is mild all around the year, the food is healthy and tasty and moreover the people are warm and friendly.

According to many international rankings, Montenegro is one of the leading countries in terms of investment in real estate. And it is not surprising, because the country is planning to join the European Union in the next few years. This is likely to support a rise in property prices. Moreover, since the official currency is already Euro, the financial risk is lower for a foreign investor.

In the recent years, Montenegro has been an attraction point among many foreigners. In 2022, a record-high 450 million Euros has been invested in real estate in Montenegro by foreigners. Germans only have been invested almost 70 million Euros in property in Montenegro. Russians, Serbians, Turks and Americans followed Germans in terms of property investment.

With the gross rental yield between 5% and 6% a year, Montenegro placed itself high on the list of the most desirable countries for property investment. All kind of properties are wanted, with slightly higher levels of demand for luxury ones and newly built.

Montenegro takes the 2nd place in Europe on the list of countries with the highest increase in real estate rental prices. And it looks like the increase will continue for the near future.

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