Montenegro’s breathtaking natural beauty, including its ancient walled towns, UNESCO-protected national park, Europe’s deepest canyon, and stunning fjord, captivate even most peaky visitors. 

Despite its small size, Montenegro is rich in natural diversity, showcasing contrasts between its north and south regions through its five national parks, four UNESCO-protected areas, six nature parks, two marine protected areas, three Ramsar sites, numerous lakes, and vibrant cultural heritage.

Tourism is considered a strategic sector for the country’s development and has long been recognized as a desirable tourist destination. It plays a crucial role in achieving economic stability in Montenegro, as it serves as the country’s dominant development sector.

World Travel and Tourism Council (WTTC) for Montenegro in their Travel&Tourism Economic impact 2022 report ranked Montenegro on the first place for the Travel & Tourism GDP Growth in 2021.

Furthermore, in the same report, Montenegro ranked eight on their list of countries for Travel &
Tourism Relative Contribution to GDP, 2019 and 2021.

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