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Tatjana Šćepanović – Accounting and Tax Consultant

Tanja has received her diploma from the  Faculty of Business Studies Montenegro, University Mediterranean and is currently attending her master studies in Marketing Management.

Tanja brings a wealthy blend of finance and accounting experience to Vita Nova Group. She is the Founder and the Managing Director of her own companies that are functioning in the areas of accounting, tax consultancy and HR.

Tanja is a Certified Accountant and a Forensic Accountant of the Institute of Certified Accountants of Montenegro.  She is also an accountant of the Institute of Accountants and Auditors of Montenegro. Besides Tanja holds the  Internal certificate from the Institute of Accountants of Montenegro titled „Manager overlooking the turnover process of goods and services.“

Tanja has diverse work experience in private and public sectors. Her industry background has a very wide span. She is participating in the accession negotiations with the European Union as a Montenegrin Employers Federation Representative (Chapters 3 and 17), She is a member of the Council for Adult Education and Secretary General of the NGO for organizing games of „Montenegro Bet“.