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Real Estate - Investment Consulting and Real Estate Montenegro

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A part of us

SecondHomeMontenegro is a brand of VitaNova Group. SecondHomeMontenegro is specialized for Real Estate industry in Montenegro.  We perform as a Consulting and Management Agency in the real estate market in Montenegro. Our core business is to help our clients find a property of their interest and assist them through the process of buying it. But not only that. Providing post investment services is also very important for us. We also do periodic meetings to gather information on issues our clients face and help them resolve any kind of problem.

Scroll down to discover all the things we do to help you buy your property smoothly and with a peace of mind.

Find your Dream Property

We help you find your dream property in Montenegro

Tell us what you seek for, is it residential or commercial property? Do you prefer to make an off-plan investment? Are you looking for a place to have your dream holidays, or are you looking for a real estate to have a proper rental income? Would you like to get a resident permit through buying a real estate in Montenegro, which is a country on the road to EU membership? Tell us about your priorities, your target, your budget and most importantly your dreams; and we will provide a list full of opportunities for you.

Real Estate - Investment Consulting and Real Estate Montenegro
Real Estate - Investment Consulting and Real Estate Montenegro

Full Concierge Service

We organize your trip to Montenegro to view real estates

Vitanova Group provides a full concierge service in your visit to Montenegro. We take care of all the steps of your travel, so that your visit to Montenegro can focus only on choosing the best property of your interest.

Our services include:

  • Transport from/to Airport Podgorica or Airport Tivat
  • Booking accommodation
  • Planning and organizing visits to the real estates
  • Consultation about particular municipality, town, or project that fits your vision for investing

Negotiation Services

We do the negotiation with landlords & the owners on your behalf

Price negotiations and payment conditions are among the top critical factors while giving the final decision of purchasing a real estate. During the negotiation process, besides the market knowledge and the negotiation skills, knowledge of the local language is essential. We manage the whole negotiation process and help to achieve the targeted price and payment conditions suitable to both parties.

Real Estate - Investment Consulting and Real Estate Montenegro

Legal Services Montenegro

Our legal services help you make real estate decisions with peace of mind

Before buying a property, it is very important to check if all of the legal requirements and obligations are fulfilled. We offer you legal consultancy through our lawyers before diving into a purchasing process.

Our services include:

→ Legal consultation with our lawyer

→Checking the documentation of a property to obtain all the updated information needed

→Explanation of the buying process

→Drafting PoAs, pre-sale and sale agreements as necessary

→Performing, following up on and ensuring the signing of the purchase contracts via Notary Office

Administration Services

We manage all the paper work and administrative tasks in your name and on your behalf in Montenegro 

After signing the contract, there are some administrative tasks that every property holder must finish in a certain time frame. Montenegrin administration can take a little longer than expected and needs to be followed up very carefully. Our administration team manage all of the paperwork related to your purchase.

Our services include:

→ Preparing documentation for Institutions – tax administration, municipalities, competent ministries

→Paying one time 3% purchasing tax (in case applies) and annual real estate taxes

→ Obtaining real estate certificate

→ Applying for utility subscriptions

→ Organizing the opening of a bank account

→ Payment of the monthly bills

Decoration & Restoration

Decoration and Restoration of Your Property

Buying a property and finishing all of the obligatory paperwork represents only a part of services provided by VitaNova Group team. We also do decorations. Decoration is a change that can increase value considerably. It actually inhales life to a property. Our team will do a consultation with you about your vision and sensibility and will run the whole process of making a design, buying, ordering, shipping all of the interior/exterior things for your property.

We offer a turn key service for decoration of your property. You or your tenant will only need to bring your suitcase and start enjoying it.

If you are more of adventurous type of a person and you want to search for a unique project for renovation of a stone house or even a ruin, we can cover this process from administrative paper work to organizing architects and the construction company.

Real Estate - Investment Consulting and Real Estate Montenegro


Our services for decoration include:

→ Consultation about interior/exterior design for the property

→ Searching for best solutions, contacting shops for offers (furniture, elements, decorations)

→ Running process of ordering, buying, delivering and installing of all the materials

→Preparing the property

Our services for restoration include:

→ Preparing all documentation for necessary administrative work

→ Getting all necessary approvals from related authorities

→ Searching for the best business partners for design and construction

→ Running the negotiations with all third parties

→ Controlling and auditing the process

→ Reporting and following up the cash flow

→ Helping you to have your dream stone house in Montenegro

Property Management

If you would like to make short term rentals

Owning a property is very attracting, but it can be challenging if you live in a different country. We provide a range of services to property owners to ensure that they know their properties are being cared for while they are not in Montenegro. We do regular inspections and necessary maintenances of your property.

No matter if you prefer to rent your property long term or short term, we will try to maximize your rental income. We do marketing of the property in local and global channels. We meet and great the guests for short term rentals.

Real Estate - Investment Consulting and Real Estate Montenegro

Our services for short term rentals include:

→ Marketing your property

→ Key holding

→ Transfers

→ Meet and greet

→ Cleaning

→ Payment collection

→ Sole contact point for all the guests

Our services for long term rentals include:

→ Marketing your property

→ Interviewing the tenants

→ Preparing and signing the rental contracts

→ Sole contact point for the tenant

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