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Iva Skoljak – Administrative Assistant

Iva was born in Podgorica, the Capital of Montenegro where she enrolled in Gymnasium with a wish to learn new languages and meet new cultures. When, after a year, additional languages in Podgorica’s Gymnasium were cancelled, she moved to Gymnasium in Danilovgrad to continue pursuing her passion. After High School she enrolled in the Translation Department of the University of Montenegro to master English and French. 

By the end of studies Iva has already spoken English, French and Turkish fluently.  She has been part of the Erasmus Program, attending 1 year of studies in Odtu University (METU) in Ankara, Turkey.

After finishing the Erasmus Program in Turkey Iva went to Germany, volunteering for a year in helping manage camps for the socially vulnerable population.

After the studies Iva got a job in Podgorica, in an IT company in the PR & Account Management Department where she worked for 3 years.

Iva loves yoga and enjoys hiking. She also loves nature and playing with her dog, Vito.

She speaks fluently English, French, Turkish, German and Spanish.

In VitaNova Group Iva will support the Administration Department.