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Irma Agovic – Administrative Assistant

Irma comes from Rozaje, a small town in the north of Montenegro, where she completed elementary and high education. After that she enrolled at the Faculty of Economics at the University of Montenegro in Podgorica.

During high school, she felt a need to help those who are in need so she started volunteering at an NGO for children with special needs in her home town. Irma volunteered at this NGO throughout whole high school, until she moved to Podgorica, to study. Back home she was also helping her mother in her accounting agency where the love for economics has been born.

She enrolled at the Faculty of Economics in Podgorica, the capital of Montenegro. As she just to be hardworking and diligent, even while at college and after it, she worked in a couple of foreign companies where she was learning about different cultures and traditions as well, and found friends for life.

In the future Irma will continue to invest in her knowledge, she plans to complete a course for a chartered accountant at The Institute in Podgorica. Still she has a greater wish and that is to open her own NGO for children with special needs, to try to make their days easier and more beautiful.

Irma will mainly support the purchasing and administration tasks of VitaNova Group. She speaks English and Montenegrin fluently and understands Turkish very well.