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The development of new agricultural products is essential for Montenegrin agriculture. Sustainable agriculture and food value chain are recognized as a priority sector in the Smart Specialization Strategy of Montenegro 2019 – 2024. 

Thanks to the EU export number, more and more Montenegrin companies are putting their products on the EU market.

Unused agricultural land, both privately and state-owned, represents a significant potential for increasing agricultural production, regarding the fact that state-owned agricultural land in Montenegro can be taken into long-term lease.

In recent years, processing capacities have developed in several areas, and are a good example of the development of new value-added products offered on the market.

As one of the most important natural resources, the land cover of Montenegro is quite diverse and is characterized by heterogeneous system units that occur due to different conditions: the basic substrate of different geological and lithological characteristics, specific types of soil.

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We also perform as a one stop shop investment agency, being the first and only contact of the investor to deal with administrative barriers.

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A favorable climate for the production of different types and varieties of plants, well preserved nature, including high quality, preserved and fertile land, low pollution due to poor use of mineral fertilizers and pesticides, are all elements that emphasize the development of agriculture in Montenegro.

Climate, rich biodiversity, nature and clean environment are excellent prerequisites for the development of organic agriculture.

Investing In Future

Increasing the quality of products can significantly increase the chances of their placement, especially through tourism and quality labels, where consumers are willing to pay a higher price than usual.

By concentrating on the tourist season with premium products, attractive assortment, adequate
packaging and presentation of products on the market, it is possible to largely substitute imports and improve the placement of domestic products on the domestic market.

Food safety and quality standards are just a condition for bringing fruits and vegetables to market, but market positioning is much more complex.

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